Walk In Wardrobes of Dreams

We’re on the home stretch now with our house renovation, and we’ve made all of the major decisions (yes, my head is spinning). One last thing to plan is our wardrobe space. I’m so excited to be designing a walk-in-wardrobe, and have been pinning some of my favourite designs and drooling over some incredible wardrobes (Sex & the City anyone?). Of course, SJP’s iconic ‘Carrie’ closet is to die for as is Anine Bing’s Chanel Bag storage cabinet. A great route to go down if you have space and want to create a smart storage solution is the IKEA Pax system; I have taken a lot of ideas from the incredible post on Erin Kestenbaum.com; super inspiring and clever hacks to customise the Ikea Pax system, making it unique. A bold colour is what I’m going to go for, the front runner at the moment is Inchrya Blue by Farrow & Ball. And if you need any help on how to display your bags/shoes/jewellery, my go-to is the coveteur.com, for the dreamiest and most stylish closet ideas.


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Jenna Lyon’s Closet…


Jenna Lyon's Closet on a style album


Carrie’s Sex & The City wardrobe…




Anine Bing’s Stylish wardrobe storage…






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