Thinking of Investing in a Leather Jacket?

A Leather Jacket has been a wardrobe staple of ours forever and is most definitely the most versatile piece we own. Whether teamed with denim & a tee, over a slip dress, layered with knits in Winter or casually draped over a cute dress in Summer, a leather jacket will give your look an instant edge and works for casual daytime dressing as well as for evening. We’ve ended up buying a few over the years in search of the perfect one, and have now both invested in our dream leathers. Since we reached our 30’s and realised just how much we do wear ours, we thought it made sense to spend on one that will last.



There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a Leather Jacket, they are a significant investment, but if you buy well it can last you for years…



Leather looks better with age so potentially you can still be wearing yours in years to come. We love the idea of wearing our current Leather Jacket in 20 years time, rocking a Vintage Jacket from our 30’s when we’re in our 50’s & 60’s is kinda cool, no? Now we’re in our 30’s we know what we want when it comes to our favorite wardrobe staple and aren’t afraid of spending a little more to get the right one.



Tips for buying a leather biker jacket a style album


Em wearing COACH


Lou & Em’s Tips on what to look for when Investing in a Leather Jacket…


1. Analyse the actual Leather


Lou Black Leather Jacket A Style Album


Lou wearing Balenciaga



The type of leather you invest in is super important. You want leather that will get better with age, if you plan on wearing yours regularly it will no doubt pick up the odd scratch and fade with time, this will all add character if you choose right. Getting the balance between too thick & too thin is essential; a Lambskin Leather we often find is a good option.




2. Look for the Perfect Fit






Make sure your leather jacket fits well on your shoulders & sleeves. Ideally, you want to leave room for a knit underneath. Try on lot’s of different styles to make sure you find the right one for your shape. If you’re petite, a cropped style might work better for you, if you’re tall a longer version. Leather Jackets are expensive to alter so buying one that fits perfectly is a must. We recommend investing in a classic shape for ultimate longevity.





3. It all in the Details


Louise Redknapp Leather Jacket A Style Album



We prefer styles without too much hardware and a shape that doesn’t make us look like we’re about to hop on the back of a Harley Davidson. Some styles are quite bulky; we say to avoid these, or they can look unflattering. It’s about investing in something in-between, you don’t want a dull jacket but keep padding & hardware to a minimum. You can get some cool coloured leather jackets now, but we’d always recommend sticking to Black. Coloured leathers are great and look super stylish, but a classic, Black Motorcycle jacket is timeless.



4. Decide on your Budget




Em wearing Topshop


Of course, everyone’s budget is different; we say buy the best one your budget will allow. If you’re looking to make your leather an essential part of your everyday wardrobe, it’s worth saving and waiting for the right one. Real leather will age better than faux or Vegan, but you will pay the price; look to sites such as The Outnet and Vestiaire Collective for designer leather at discounted prices. As Motto Jackets never go out of Fashion, you may pick up a Bargain from last season.




The Perfect Leather Jacket A Style ALBUM



Lou & Em’s Leather Jacket Edit…


Lou has had her Balenciaga Leather for around five years and still wears it to death. Em recently invested in a Coach Leather Jacket, and its cost per wear has proved it was the right choice. Other brands we love for quality Leather Jackets are Whistles, Mango & Maje.






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