The Wardrobe Builders


Sometimes the essential items in our wardrobe are the ones we lack; they might not be the most exciting pieces to buy, but they help to pull your wardrobe together. The Wardrobe Builders are what make up the core of your wardrobe and will be a big help when pulling outfits together; these pieces will give your wardrobe an upgrade and won’t go out of Fashion.



The Wardrobe Builders…


1. Leather Biker Jacket


Outfit Inspo A Style Album


Leather Jacket| COACH


A leather jacket will last you a lifetime if you buy wisely, I said last week in my Signature Style post to buy the best one your budget will allow. If you buy one you love you’ll still be wearing it in 10, 20 even 30 years, how cool will it be to still rock the leather jacket you wore in your 30’s when you hit your 60’s! Imagine the stories it could tell…





2. The Perfect Tee


Navy Cashmere tee a style album




It took me a while to spend a little more on a basic tee. I used to buy up loads on the High Street but recently discovered ATM tees and haven’t looked back. It is a lot for a tee, but they feel special, I wear save them for best and for nights out. That said, I do love the recent style from Topshop, at £12 the fit is great, and I wear as an everyday wardrobe basic. Scout Cashmere is another great brand for a smarter tee.





3. Black Cropped Trouser


Lou wearing Mira Mikati


Cropped Trousers| Isabel Marant


Not the most exciting item in your wardrobe but a good fitted, quality pair of cropped Black Trousers are a must-have for us. Whether dressed up with heel or down with a trainer they are a great basic to turn to when you want a simple, smart outfit. The crop is super important and will give your look a much-needed edge.





4. Blazer


How to wear Khaki A Style Album



Blazer| Blaze Milano


I love the way a Blazer can instantly change an outfit; Team with a pretty floral dress and you instantly look edgier, pair with jeans and a trainer and you instantly smarten up your look. I’m obsessed with a Blazer, and it’s a huge part of my everyday look.





5. Cashmere Knit




Cashmere| Raey


Good Cashmere will be your best friend through the Winter months. I love being cosy so more often than not when the cold sets in I turn to my Cashmere Knits. You can get great ones on the High Street; Zara being our go-to, top tip- go for the men’s version for a looser, casual fit. Uniqlo & Boden are also good for High Street Cashmere.







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