The Power of a Tee

Jeans and Tee is a combo we wear most days, our go-to failsafe look, so we do invest our money in them. We bought these oversized Balenciaga tees a few weeks ago and have already accumulated a pretty reasonable cost per wear; we even both turned up to a meeting last week wearing them. Although pricey, when you can wear them to a meeting, to dinner or chilling at the weekend, we see it as an investment. We’ve always loved an interesting Tee- be it a bright colour, cool slogan or tye-dye; when your staple outfit consists of Denim Jeans and a Blazer, it’s nice to add some interest with your Tee and add a twist to a classic look. It’s a great way to buy into designers too, every designer from Gucci to Saint Laurent has an impressive t-shirt selection, and every season, more and more designers get on board with the trend. It may be the last thing you want to spend so much money on, but for us, it’s a great way to elevate an outfit.


Lou & Em in Balenciaga…




We love this Tie Dye Tee from Charlotte Simone. Wear with beat up denim and converse. 20% of proceeds go to ‘Changing Faces‘ charity. BUY


Lou & Em’s Tee Edit…



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