The Investment Bag Edit

If you buy one Investment bag this season, what would it be? A tough question. Designer bags are a massive investment, and if you choose well, you’ll still be using in years to come. We’ve both made mistakes over the years and spent too much money on a bag that two years later we no longer like/use. It usually happens with a bag of the moment, especially if you’re being influenced and don’t instantly love it, so these are often best avoided if you want longevity. We had a good think about bags we love right now and the ones we think will stand the test of time.


Lou & Em’s Bag Edit…


A Saint Laurent bag will always be a sound investment, and sometimes it’s good to keep it simple. A classic black leather tote is chic, stylish and practical.





The logomania trend is back, and we’ll continue to embrace it while Dior is designing bags as dreamy as this. It was love at first sight when I first set eyes on the Dior Book Tote Bag.



Gucci bags have always been a hit with us. Classic yet cool, it’s also good to add a pop of colour to your bag collection.



Classic Chanel Bag on A Style Album

The Iconic Chanel Bag, an investment you won’t regret. These bags have shot up in price (almost a 2k price increase in 10years for the Medium classic flap) A classic that will stand the test of time.




Ok, so not necessarily a classic, but as we said, if you love it, buy it. I fell in Love with this bag last month. It’s different to any other bag I own and will be perfect for the Summer months.



This bag reminds me of a Vintage style. Gucci is an excellent brand to turn to when looking to purchase a designer bag. I owned a bag like this in the late 90’s; it will last you a lifetime.



Celine Box Bag A Style Album by Lou & Em

Celine Box Bag. The ultimate investment bag. I’ve had this bag on my wishlist for many years. A bag that will take you seamlessly from day to night and looks just as stylish whether in your 20’s or 70’s.





The Goyard St Louis Tote bag is probably the most practical of them all. Wipes clean, and big enough to hold all of your necessities, also doubles up as a great Beach/Travel bag too. It comes in an array of colours that you can get personalised. No online store so be prepared to queue outside the London store.


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