Stylish Track Pants

We’re big fans of comfort dressing, and as obsessed as we are with our denim, sometimes we just want to wear our Track Pants; this is the exact reason why we’ve been embracing the casual trouser for a while now.


We couldn’t be happier that it is now acceptable to wear trackpants as evening wear…


Add heels, a tee and a blazer, and you’ve got a stylish outfit with an expandable waistband! If you’re not quite ready to wear them with a heel, they’re still an excellent option for smart/casual day wear. Pair with your favourite sneakers or sliders (when it finally warms up) add throw on a Leather or Denim jacket. Adidas Originals are a cool, affordable option or opt for Mira Mikati for the most stylish tracksuit bottoms we’ve ever seen!



Louise Redknapp wearing Track Pants & Heels on A Style Album


Louise Redknapp wearing Stylish Track Pants on A Style Album



Lou & Em’s Track Pant Edit…




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