She Sells Sea Shells

There’s a huge trend sweeping through our Instagram feeds that we’ve found impossible to ignore, it seems that every fashion blogger worth her (sea) salt has gone beachcombing, as shells are having a moment. It first started when the impossibly beautiful WALD collection ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot‘ necklace featured on many equally beautiful necks; From Laura Jackson to Pandora Sykes to Lucy Williams, there’s no escaping this necklace in the Instagram Fashion world right now. WALD collection is the brand to know if you’re looking to spend your summer adorned with shells, the ‘How High Shell Necklace‘ drew me in too, perfect for layering with a bikini. We’ve rounded up our edit of sea shells if you want to bring a little bit of the beach home with you this Summer.


Em’s Sea Shells…


Topshop slip dress and shell necklaces on fashion blog a style album


Em wearing WALD collection ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot‘ & ‘How High Shell Necklace



Shop the Edit…



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