Save for Best or Wear to Death?

When you make an investment purchase, do you want to get as much wear as possible out of the said piece, or save it for a special occasion? We’re split here at A Style Album HQ- I believe in wearing things to death- if I’ve spent a lot of money on something one of the ways I justify it is if I’m going to get plenty of wear. Patricia (Fashion, Travel & Interiors Features) is of the save for best mentality; if she’s invested in something, she wants to keep it nice making it all the more special when she does wear. Read on to see the pieces we advice saving or wearing.



Emma Rose Thatcher wearing Isabel Marant Grey Blazer with Jeans on Fashion Blog A Style Album


Em wearing Blazer Isabel Marant| Necklace Old Celine similar| Jeans Anine Bing| Tee Summa



Save for best or Wear to Death?


The Smart Coat


Not long ago, a smart coat would’ve been considered a piece to save and pull out on special occasions, however now it’s acceptable to mix smart with casual. Team a camel coat with cropped trousers and trainers as well as with heels and a silk blouse.




Vintage Jewellery


I love to team my Vintage Jewellery with unexpected pieces and prefer to dress it down with a simple Jeans and Tee look.



The Pretty Dress


A special dress is the one item I did end up agreeing with Patricia on. As much as I love to wear my dresses with trainers for the day, I do think saving some for best will make them feel all the more special. I’m keeping this one for my friend’s 40th celebrations at Soho Farmhouse this Summer.



Chanel Bag


Chanel, Hermes, Dior- with any extravagant bag purchase- get your wear out of it! A special bag will elevate ANY outfit- tracksuit and trainers? Add a Chanel bag, and you instantly add some style to your look.



The Blazer


If you follow @astylealbum on Instagram, you will know we don’t save our Blaze Milano blazers for best, and it’s not made them any less special. They are the most beautifully cut blazers that stand the test of time and look just as stylish dressed up as they do dressed down.





Wearing stylish underwear more often is one rule I need to put into practice myself. I have a drawer full of lovely lingerie but always seem to reach for my trusty T-Shirt bras. However, wearing matching, good quality underwear can make a difference in the way your outfit looks and the way you feel.


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