Rainy Days

If there was ever a day for a Raincoat Edit, it’s today! As I got dressed this morning, looking out of the window filled me with dread… No matter what outfit I chose the weather would make sure I resembled a drowned Rat the minute I stepped outside.


I’m refusing to dig out my heavy parka in AUGUST!


My beloved Leather will get ruined and soaked through, same goes for my Army Shacket. I have no suitable jacket options for a typical British Summer. This is ridiculous as we all know by now to expect rain in England, frequently! So I’ve spent the last hour researching stylish Raincoats. I’d like something plain that will work when worn over most of my outfits but won’t kill my look! A neutral colour (there’s something about bright rain coats that remind me of being 5)




My favourite so far is from Hunter. Although pricey I want to invest in one that I’ll wear all year through, will last & ultimately keep me dry. By going for a brand known for its outdoor wear, I think Hunter will be my best option. If you’re looking for High Street, ASOS & H&M have a good selection; This Dusty Pink Mac from ASOS is my favourite. Another brand worth looking at is Stutterheim, contemporary, old-school Rain Jackets that will do the job without compromising on Style.


The Raincoat Edit…




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