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On Sunday I decided to do what all slightly OCD people do… De-clutter my Makeup & Beauty products. No day of rest for me, I woke up with an urge to organise and organise is what I did. I’d bought a Makeup Organiser that had arrived days earlier and had just sat in my bathroom unused, I needed time to do it properly, and boy does it feel amazing now it’s all sorted; It’s so therapeutic! I popped a few pics on my Instagram Stories, and people went mad for the organiser; I found it on Amazon and thought it would be perfect to keep all my makeup stored but accessible while staying clean. It’ll make a great Christmas gift for the makeup junkie in your life. Of course, I didn’t stop there and decided to clean my brushes for the first time in… Well, a long time. My mum bought me a makeup brush cleaner as a stocking filler last Christmas (again good old Amazon), and it’s genius! I really should use it more often! I wouldn’t say I’m a massive Beauty Junkie, I love my make-up & lovely products, but I’m far more likely to buy a pair of shoes over a Beauty product.


I’m very loyal to the products that work for me and will stick with the same for years…


Le Labo Santal 33 has been my signature scent for five years, Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation my go-to foundation for even longer and Dr. Frances Prenna Jones Formula I will use forever, it’s my ultimate Hero product. Having said that I did venture into Sephora on a recent trip to New York to buy some Milk Makeup. Zanna Rassi is my girl crush, and she’s behind the brand so of course, I had to try! I was slightly like a fish out of water and had no idea what to go for, after some help I decided on the Foundation set, a Lip Gloss and the Cleanser & Toner sticks that I thought would be perfect for traveling.  After having a good old sort out, it made me think about my go-to products that I use daily…


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Em’s Hero Make-up Products…



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Em’s Hero Beauty Products…



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