No Spend January

Instead of Dry January, I’ve just completed No Spend January. Yep, the longest month of all and I decided to go cold turkey with my shopping habits. When I say no spending, I’m talking purely about clothes; I realised that my spending on new clothes was out of control. I’m doing major renovations in my home this year, so the extra money I saved I’ll put towards that, but the main reason for doing was to look at my shopping pattern.


With the increasing easiness of online shopping, it takes away any reasoning, everything is instant…


I’d see someone looking stylish on Instagram, and unlike in the past where you’d have to hunt down the said piece, you can now more often than not swipe up, be taken to the exact item and check out with PayPal, all in the space of 1 minute. My new purchase would be winging it’s way to me before I even realised what I was doing. I know I blog about Fashion & Style, and I’m as much an enabler as I’m enabled, but for me, it meant I was accumulating far too many new pieces that made it even harder for me to dress in the morning. And after the initial buzz of making a new purchase, the feeling of waste was overwhelming. I also found that I was going off things pretty quickly. I’m a big fan of the High Street, and my budget doesn’t allow for designer pieces every week/month, but I found that I was buying things on the High Street because I didn’t have to overthink about the £25 it cost me. I’d then wear it once or twice, and the love would disappear, where my designer pieces had much more longevity. I have High Street pieces in my wardrobe that have stood the test of time, so in future, I’m going to making much more considered purchases, whether it be high-end of high-street.


No Spend January taught me so much about the way I shop…


Instagram is by far my most significant influence. Of course, I had a few wobbles, I forgot myself once and clicked through to buy a gorgeous green midi dress on ASOS. Luckily it wasn’t yet in stock, but it made me realise how instant it was for me. Another time I’d seen the perfect White Tee on Instagram from H&M, I resisted, but later had an argument with my husband and my instant reaction was to go on H&M and purchase the tee. I made it all the way to check out before I stopped, proving that shopping is often emotionally driven. I fell in love with the Balenciaga Triple S trainers, luckily for me, they were (& still are) sold out everywhere, so I had no chance but to drool. I made a list and every time I was tempted to buy something added to it. Now we’re at the end of the month I looked over the list and found that there are only four out of the 12 things that I still really want. So I’m going to be carrying this on every month; making no purchases until the 1st day of the following month. Hopefully, it will change my wardrobe and make sure the pieces I buy to add to it are things I genuinely love and will treasure for a long time, instead of being quick fixes. Now I’m counting down the hours until the 1st Feb, and I can finally buy the Sandy Liang jacket I fell in love with on day 27 of 31 of No Spend January.


Em’s no spend January list…


Chanel Cuff– An extravagant gift so it will be going on my Birthday List in April.

Blue Floral Topshop Midi Dress– I loved this dress and tried on for our YouTube Topshop Haul, but I know I can live without it. Just.

Green Floral Pleated ASOS Dress– I still can’t find online, so It’s either come in and flown out or not yet in stock.

& Other Stories Blazer– I still love this Blazer, but I have a few good existing blazers in my wardrobe, so feels like an extravagance.

Cream Topshop Hoody– Definitely don’t need another hoody. As much as I love this one, I can survive with the ones I have.

Pink Gestuz Cardi– I Saw this on Instagram and the old me would’ve made an impulse buy, I actually can’t even remember what it looks like so I obviously don’t need it that much.

H&M White Tee I saw this on The Fashion Guitar, and it looked like the perfect white Tee, will be buying one on the 1st Feb.

Veja Black & White Trainers Being the Trainer addict that I am of course a pair made it onto my list. I don’t need them so will be wearing a pair from my extensive collection instead.

Long Sleeve Black Layering Top– Ok so I have one of these already, but ever since I saw Laura Bailey wearing a 3//4 sleeve black top under a Graphic Tee I’ve adopted this look for myself during the cold Winter months. I have one; I don’t need another. The old me would’ve gone out and bought two more just to be sure I had it covered. The new me will just wash the one I have.

Teddy Bear Coat– why this made it onto the list I’ll never know, but any urge I got to buy I would be honest with myself and add it to the list. I have a Topshop Teddy coat that is perfectly adequate. I don’t need a Zara one no matter how cosy it looks.

Balenciaga Trainers Had these been in stock; they may have been the piece to make me fall off the wagon.

Sandy Liang Jacket– I fell in love with this the instant I saw it pop up on my Instagram feed. I’ll be pre-ordering it on the 1st Feb even though it doesn’t ship until April it will be worth the wait.


I’m not saying I would’ve bought every single one of these items had I not been on No spend January; my bank balance would’ve buckled under that pressure. But I may have bought the Topshop bits and then maybe the Zara coat, pieces that may add up to around £300 spread across the month. Now I have that money saved; it leaves me free to buy one piece that I’ll treasure for a long time. Having time to think about my purchases, a cooling off period will allow me to be 100% clear I’m making the right decision. They say you should be able to think of three outfits from your existing wardrobe when making a new purchase and I think this is an excellent rule to stick to. Not only will it make you think of pieces you already own, but it will also save you making a wasteful decision you’ll later regret.


Em’s No Spend January Outfit Diary…


When your job is checking New In constantly it was tricky at times to not click add to basket, and not being able to showcase new pieces was a challenge. Our blog is about sharing new pieces we’ve bought so I felt like my content on @emmarosestyle was pretty boring with nothing new to talk about. However, it did make me slightly more creative with my existing wardrobe; Pulling out pieces I hadn’t worn in a while, making sure I didn’t grow utterly bored with my look.


Em from Fashion Blog A Style Album January Fashion Diary

Old No21 Knit| H&M Skirt| Alaia Boots

Long Sleeve M&S| Gucci Tee| Re/Done Jeans| & Other Stories Boots

Em from Fashion Blog A Style Album wearing Rixo London

Scout Cashmere Knit| Re/Done Jeans| Chanel Trainers & Bag

Blazer Blaze Milano| Shirt Rixo| Jeans Re/Done| Loafers Gucci


Em from A Style January Fashion Diary
Em from A Style Album's Fashion Diary

Long Slv Tee M&S| Printed Tee Les Coyotes De Paris| Skirt Maje| Trainers Converse

Anine Bing Silk Tee| Blaze Milano Blazer| Wallis Trousers| Tabitha Simmons Shoes| Chanel Necklace Susan Caplan|J.W.Anderson Bag





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