Love Letters

We both love our jewellery and recently purchased initial necklaces from Celine. We haven’t taken them off, they’re the perfect piece to layer or wear on their own. We’re always on the hunt for cute jewellery, and believe the right piece can finish off an outfit; whether it’s a delicate piece that you wear every day and becomes your staple or a statement piece. We’ve searched for the coolest Letter Jewels around, from Daisy Jewellery to Jennifer Meyer, there’s something for everyone. An Edge of Ember Letter necklace will make a stylish personalised gift or for something unique head to Aurum & Grey’s Initial Thoughts collection, the dainty letter collection that will make an extra special gift for loved ones. & Santa, if you’re reading, I’ll take a Pink E Heart from Jennifer Fisher pretty please.


Em wearing Celine Alphabet Necklace…


Emma Thatcher of A Style Album wearing Gold Celine Letter Necklace with Pink Coat


Emma Thatcher wearing Celine letter necklace and pink coat on fashion blog a style album



Lou & Em’s Edit…



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