How to shop Topshop Like a Pro

I‘ve heard it time and time again… I’m too old to shop at Topshop. And yes I agree that at first glance Topshop is my 16-year-old daughters festival dreams; filled with crop tops, denim hotpants and sequins, but as much as I avoid those items, I can always emerge from Topshop with a few purchases that will fast become wardrobe staples for me. Some of my most-loved pieces in my wardrobe are Topshop that I’ve picked up over the years. And yes I have to admit as I’ve reached my mid-thirties, my body’s changed, and my style has evolved it’s not always as easy as it used to be. I’ve been shopping at Topshop Oxford Circus since my early teens; I can’t think of another store that I’ve been shopping in since I was 12 and still get as excited about visiting. So to convince anyone who may be assuming they have to throw in their Topshop towel I’ve put together the golden rules that Lou & I stick to when shopping at out High Street Favourite.


Lou & Em’s Topshop Edit…


Em wearing Topshop Dree Jeans on Fashion Blog A Style Album



Take your time…


The high street has always been a place where you’ll run during your lunch break to pick up a few pieces, or on your way home from work. This is when you’re either likely to leave dejected or make a panic buy that turns into a mistake. It worked for us in our Twenties but rarely does when you reach your Thirties plus. I try to set aside an hour when visiting the Flagship store in Oxford Circus (it is part of my job to research!) It’s essential to try pieces on (two sizes if like me, you’re in between in Topshop) and always make use of the personal shopping service if available. You have the luxury of time, space, and somewhere to leave your belongings. And of course, the team are on hand should you need any advice. My usual routine when hitting Topshop Oxford Circus will be too whizz around the shop floor quick grabbing anything that catches my eye. I then head to PS and leave my selection in a room and head back out for a slower, more extended look around, I’ll find a few more things then go back and edit my rail as I’ve then had a chance to take it all in. I have a good try on and usually only like a third of my edit, which I’m happy about as if I loved everything it would be a problem!


Topshop Haul A Style Album




If in doubt stick to the classics…


Topshop is a great place to pick up your classics pieces. I’m a huge fan of their Khaki Jackets, which they tend to update every season. Their Denim Jeans are some of the best on the High Street; I stay away from the Leigh as I find the material way to thin but love the Straight Leg, Dree and Orson. Topshop Classic Tee’s are the perfect shape and for £10 great value. In store now they have an Asymmetrical Blouse available in so many colourways, that look stylish whether you’re 16 or 60.



Louise Redknapp wearing Topshop Baxter Jeans on Fashion blog A Style Album




Take notice of the cuts…


The cuts and shapes of pieces are so significant. Topshop cuts are usually on trend; I buy most of my midi dresses from Topshop as I know they’ll be a modern shape, where if I was to wear a similar style from a different store it could look mumsy. The fit of a blouse, length of a skirt, or shape of a Tee can make all the difference to your look. This is when it’s a plus shopping in a store with a younger demographic.



Topshop Straight Leg Jeans



Check in regularly…


With so many new in pieces dropping daily, Topshop is always exciting. I try to get into the store every couple of weeks and check online daily (It’s my job!) this way I don’t miss out on any must-have pieces that are sure to be a hit.  Polka Dots seem to be trending on Topshop right now, I popped in last week and picked up a cute polka dot blouse and have my eye on a few other polka dot pieces.


Topshop Polka Dot Blouse on Fashion Blog A Style Album



Don’t be scared to pay more for Topshop…


One of my favourite dresses is from Topshop Boutique, and yes it was more expensive than the standard collection, but I’ve had it for years and still feel special in it. Topshop Unique & Boutique have some fantastic pieces at a higher price point, but the quality and design reflect the price.


A Style Album Polka Dot Dress on A Style Album




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