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A new season is here, which means daily temptations of new in pieces waiting to be added to your basket, this along with the Instagram persuasion can make shopping the new season a minefield. Not wanting to make costly mistakes, yet falling for the ‘low stock’ trap can result in impulse buys that won’t get as much wear as you’d hoped. Here’s our guide for shopping the new season like a pro, buying pieces that slot well into your current wardrobe, so you get maximum outfit leverage.


Emma Thatcher & Louise Redknapp of Fashion & Lifestyle blog A Style Album



Wardrobe Detox…


Em wearing cult Vampires Wife T.Shirt on A Style Album


Coat Stella McCartney| Tee Vampires Wife


A good detox at the start of the new season before you buy anything will leave you with a clear mind. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn for a while, fix or get tailored any pieces that are unwearable and most importantly, learn from your mistakes (I sell my pieces on Depop). A wardrobe detox gives you a clear indication on what pieces have been good buys and what’s hung unworn in your wardrobe. Plus, you’ll find out where you have gaps and what you need to buy to pull your outfits together.



Golden Rule…


Louise Redknapp wearing Pink Tailored Trousers on A Style Album


Trousers Racil| Knit M&S| Shoes Jimmy Choo


We follow a golden rule of, if you can think of three ways to wear it or three occasions where you will wear it, you can buy it. We also create wish-lists. Before you start checking out all your baskets, add pieces to a wish-list where possible or create your own list and write the pieces down. Give yourself a little while to think about it.



Buy less, spend more, wear more…


How to style a gucci belt on fashion blog a style album


A motto we’ve stood by as we’ve gotten older. I used to buy lot’s of versions of leather jackets and black blazers, because these were the pieces I’d wear the most, I felt I needed lots of options. Not true. I invested in a Coach Leather jacket 18 months ago and sold my others and the same with the blazers, I bought a Blaze Milano blazer two years ago and I’ve worn it to death and still love it. Lou purchased a Balenciaga Leather jacket five years ago, and it’s still one of her favourite pieces. We all have different things we spend more money on, but we live by the buy less, pay more, wear more rule. Of course, everyone’s budget is different, if you usually buy faux leather, save up and get the Mango real leather biker jacket. Invest in the best your budget will allow on the pieces you wear and love the most.



Shop to suit your lifestyle…


mytheresa spring summer 18 edit on a style album


Blazer Isabel Marant| Jeans Re/Done| Shoes Chanel


Last year I bought a pair of killer heel boots that I love but have hardly worn. I’m either in loungewear at home working, or in town running around for meetings. When I venture out in the evening, I’m more likely to wear a shoe, so the boots haven’t much wear sadly. This year I’ll be buying a smart boot with a slight heel that will take me from meetings in town to an early dinner without my feet screaming in pain. If you live in jeans and trainers, buy a cool pair of Nikes and a pair of good quality denim jeans. Think about the pieces you wear most and what’s realisticly going to get the most wear.



Don’t think of the High Street as disposable fashion…


Outfit Inspo for London weather on a style album


Coat H&M| Boots M&S| Jeand Re/Done


I’ve made a lot of high street mistakes in the past, like picking up that Zara £25 dress but losing the love for it after 1 or 2 wears. I’m much more conscious now and the pieces I do pick up on the high street I love as much as my designer pieces. I don’t want to wear anything a few times and then discard it. I also think to myself, if I buy these things in Zara & Topshop this month, would it add up to the Loewe jumper I have my eye on. What will I get more wear out of and love the longest? I shop the high street smarter now than I did a few years ago.



Mood board…


How to shop the new season on fashion blog a style album



My favourite, I love nothing more than going on Pinterest and Tumblr or my Saved feature on Instagram and looking at the latest trends. It’s a great way to get inspiration for new outfit ideas. This season we’re into ovrsized mannish blazers, a pop of red, tiger print, extra long coats and bum bags.


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