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I‘ve never had a great relationship with my hair. Up until the age of 13, I had long, blonde wavy locks that I should’ve left well alone, being a bored teenager wanting to experiment I reached for a bottle of Sun-In, and that was the beginning of the end of having ‘good hair’. It went from bad to worse. Black roots while trying to grow out said Sun-in, a perm in which they chopped off all my hair first, so it wasn’t the long curls I’d been dreaming of, but a short ball of frizz. That was enough to teach me to leave well alone, so I got into a hair style rut, having a mid length style that I never quite knew what to do with, not bad but not great, and that was how it was for years.


I just thought I was never destined to have good hair…


Until I met Tom. Tom Smith is Colour Director at Billi Currie and the man that has made me love my hair again. I turned up at Billi Currie around 2 1/2 years ago with blonde/yellow mid length hair, in a not so great condition. I had plenty of Hair Inspo to show him, and he told me what I didn’t want to hear… It’s going to take time & patience (of which I have none!) Tom’s passion for hair, in particular, colour, shines through when you’re in his chair and he filled me with confidence when talking about what we were going to do to get back on track. The three main things we wanted to achieve; Improve the condition, Take away the yellow and create a more icy blonde, a hair cut that was cooler and easier for me to style day to day. I can happily say we’ve finally got there with all 3! The cut was the first issue to be rectified, I’m getting more confident and going shorter every time, but I’ve finally found a style I’m happy with that’s easy to manage. The colour took a little time, due to the damage of my hair we had to take it slow, I now maintain the colour he created for me and the time between appointments is getting longer and longer as it works so well with my natural colour when it grows through. The condition took a little longer, but thanks to Tom’s knowledge of products, in particular, Olaplex (Billi Currie was one of the first UK salons to pick up on this wonder product) we got there in the end!







Bleach Blonde Hair A Style Album



My Hair Inspo…






Top Tips for the Perfect Blonde…


During my last visit I spoke to Tom about how to achieve and maintain the Perfect Blonde;


Find a colourist you trust- and stick with them! Great hair colour can take time and its a journey you take together. A good colourist will not only provide you with a great colour in the salon, but also with all the information you need to maintain it at home; follow our advice – we want you to have fabulous hair as much as you do!


Be kind to your hair! Minimise the use of heat styling tools and be certain to balance any blowdrying or straightening with the use of Olaplex and the best quality heat protectors and re-conditioners you can afford! It takes time but its totally worth it! No matter how good your cut or colour is, if the condition is wrecked, your hair will never look good!


Blonde will always fade yellow… eventually! The undertone of everyone’s hair is red, orange or yellow; depending on how light or dark it is. We can slow down the exposure of yellow tones by using violet toning shampoos or my preference; which is the ‘Evo Fabuloso Pro’ system. Unlike toning shampoos or conditioners you can buy off the shelf, this system is totally bespoke for you. We can literally add pigments, that perfectly match your blonde shade, into a conditioner that you use at home to top your colour up as you go – meaning an end to colour fading! Em has two, one to keep her blonde cool and clean, and another to add a hint of pink when she chooses. We can actually do this for any shade, whether its fiery copper or a cool natural brunette or even an ‘on trend’ silver of lavender.



Tom’s Product Recomendations…


Tom’s passion for products is another reason he was able to transform my hair; he’s an ambassador for Olaplex & Evo Fabuloso. Without me using the right products at home in between appointments he would’ve been fighting a losing battle.


Olaplex– I slather this on my hair at least once a week. On holiday I wash my hair in the evening and instead of spending time blowdrying (and causing more damage) I slick back with Olaplex and leave on overnight.

EVO the Therapist Calming Shampoo– Meets the needs of Dry, Frizzy, Colour Treated Hair.

EVO Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner for Platinum Blondes–  A colour enhancing Conditioner that works to achieve a clean blonde tone on colour treated blondes. Nourishes, Maintains and Extends the colour life of colour treated hair.

EVO Mane Prescription Protein Treatment– Restores hair back to health, this intensive treatment works to rebuild strength and leave your hair in optimum condition.

EVO Icon Welder Hot Tool Shaper– Spay on before heat styling for much needed protection.

EVO Salty Dog Beach Cocktail Spray– Creates a beautiful beach-inspired wave. the lightweight, salty formula adds texture and fullness, perfect to create laidback styles.









I try to achieve a messy wave, whenever I’ve been to a hairdresser and asked them for this I end up looking like an 80’s bridesmaid so I thought it was about time I learnt! Wands don’t work for me, it may be my length or type of hair, but I don’t like the look a wand creates. I’ve finally learnt how to use tongs, and it has changed my life, the ones that work for me are Babyliss PRO 38mm.


I wash, spritz on some EVO Heat Protector Spray and rough dry, spending time smoothing out the front, so my naturally frizzy hair is slightly under control…


Once my hair is fully dry I clip into sections and tong, starting from underneath. Always away from the face and always going the same way, you’ll realise pretty quick if you tong the wrong way as it creates a different type of curl. Once i’ve tonged all the sections I use finishing spray to hold. I don’t like hairspray or anything that’s too heavy, Oribe Texturizing Spray works well for me.





To book an appointment with Tom who works out of Billi Currie Salon please call 02074869016| Quote A Style Album when booking to receive 10% off your first visit



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