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I recently asked our readers via Instagram what they wanted to see on A Style Album, being in-between seasons I was stuck for post ideas. It seemed too early to start choosing Winter Coats & Boots (stay tuned as our Edit is coming soon!) The biggest response I received was Style Inspiration, so many felt stuck in a Style Rut and wanted easy to wear, daily outfit ideas. So I thought I’d bring you some tips on how to find your Signature Style, once you have your go-to Style it makes getting dressed in the mornings so much easier, especially now the Summer is over, and it’s back to school and work. For most of us, we want to look stylish but practical, here are my top tips to help you find your Signature Style.



Em’s Signature Style Tips…








Everybody gets Style Inspiration from somewhere, my biggest source for outfit inspo is Pinterest (Follow our Boards here). Whenever I’m stuck for an outfit idea I’ll have a quick search for my go-to girls; Veronika Heilbrunner & Zanna Rassi Roberts, my current style crushes. I’ll pop their names into Pinterest and search through endless images until something inspires me. If there’s someone whose style that you love, spend some time looking through their pictures, you’ll soon pick up on their signature style, and then you can adapt it as your own (Check out our Girl Crushes post here). I love Veronika & Zanna’s style, it’s where I first saw the trainers & dresses outfit combo I often wear, they might do it in Preen & Erdem and me in H&M, but I’m taking elements of their style and making it my own.


The idea is not to copy head to toe but take elements of what will work for you and your lifestyle…


I used to get the worst outfit envy when I worked as a Buyer, visiting designer showrooms in Paris, Milan & New York where you’ll find some of the most stylish women in Fashion, was a real eye opener in how to put outfits together. It was usually the simplest looks that looked the most stylish. I’d mentally bank the outfits I loved and couldn’t wait to get home where I’d look at my wardrobe with different eyes. It’s not always about buying the latest trends, work with what you’ve already got. Once you find your Style Crushes, you may already own some of the pieces that they wear, and it will give you a fresh way to style your existing wardrobe. Make mood boards, Pinterest again is probably the best platform to do this; you can also save Instagram images into collections now which is another great place to store Inspiration as you scroll.








Style Uniform…


Now you’ve got your Style Inspiration mood boards, work out what pieces you need to pull the looks together. You may love the Jeans, Tee, Blazer combo but be lacking a blazer; this is where you need to list the items you need to complete your Style Uniform, we’ve often spoken about how important our Style Uniform is (see more here, here & here). My Style Uniform consists of a Leather Jacket, Jeans, Tee’s, Blazer, Midi Dress, Ankle Boots, Khaki Jacket, White Trainers and a Shirt. From these key pieces, I can make endless outfits and even if I wear these nine pieces five days a week I can still change up the outfit, and it’s ok as it’s my signature style.


The most Stylish Women in the world have their signature look and very rarely move away from it…


Emmanuel Alt, Carine Roitfeld, Sarah Harris, all stick to the outfits & colour palette they know work for them and their lifestyle, how easy must it be for them to get dressed in the morning? Work out what works for you and don’t be afraid to stick to it. If there are pieces in your wardrobe, you love but can’t find the right way to wear, apply the same principle as above but with an item of clothing. If you have a high waisted pair of trousers hanging in your wardrobe unworn, tap into Pinterest ‘High Waisted Trousers Street Style’, and you’re bound to see an outfit styled in a way you love and can create yourself.










Shopping for your Signature Style…


Make a list of the pieces you need to make up your Style Uniform. One lesson I’ve learned over the years is quality, not quantity. I’d rather buy one thing a month and pay a little more for it than go mad on the High Street like I used to. Yes, I still shop on the High Street, I’m just as happy in Topshop or H&M, but it has to be the right piece that will last.


My leather biker jacket is a big part of my signature style…


I counted five black leather jackets in my wardrobe once, all High Street, so I invested in one at the top end of my budget and sold on the High Street ones (check out my Depop account). I know I will get my cost per wear out of my new higher price point jacket and it will last, I no longer feel the need to snap up any biker jacket that I come across and like the look of, I need 1, not 5! So for the items, you wear consistently go for the best quality your budget will allow. I apply this principle to Blazers, Jeans and even Tee’s. I know longer baulk at the idea of spending a lot (within reason) on a white T.shirt, I wear them so often, even for a night out, so it’s nice for them to feel special. The Outnet is a great place to find Designer basics at heavily discounted prices.









We all make mistakes, that is part and parcel if you like Fashion. It’s hard to keep up with all the new trends, having a Signature Style will help you navigate the endless new fashion styles. Dip in and out of the ones that work for you.


Just because you have a signature style doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up a little…


Even though my Style Uniform is Black, Grey & White, I love to play with prints & colour. I turn to the pieces I know work for me when I’m in a rush or not in the mood to experiment. Accessories can make a look pop too; It’s worth taking the time to layer necklaces and stack up bracelets and rings to bring a bit of individuality to your Style.





Dress KITRI Sandals Hermes



Shop Em’s Signature Style…




Lastly, If you like it wear it!









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