Finding Clarity

Clarity is something we’ve been trying to achieve lately. Life is busy, and now thanks to smart phones we are constantly ‘switched on’. This has many positives, but also some negatives. Many women, whether they are raising children, working on their careers or doing both, can feel like they are drowning in a never ending list of things to do.


Sometimes you just need to sit back, take a deep breath and get some Clarity on whatever situation you’re dealing with…



ELEMIS have just launched a new collection of LIFE ELIXIRS, created to help give balance in our everyday lives. Choose from Calm, Clarity, Embrace, Fortitude & Sleep. We’ve been using Clarity, which helps support Mindfulness, Clear Thinking, and Awareness. Scientifically formulated with 8 pure essential oils, we’ve been starting the day with the Bath & Shower ELIXIR to invigorate, popping the Perfume Oil in our bags to sharpen our concentration on the go between meetings and lighting the Candle for when we have a late night Editing posts on A Style Album to keep us focused.






Whilst the Clarity Candle, Bath & Shower ELIXIR & handy on the go Perfume Oil are a great starting point in helping us to restore Clarity, we’ve been thinking about what else helps keep our minds clear and sharp.



A Bath…


As we’re usually rushing around, a quick shower is normally all we have time for; sometimes it’s good to take time out and relax in a hot bath. The minute we relax in the bath our heads clear and we can think clearly about upcoming tasks we have.





I recently read a book called ‘Get Your Shit Together‘ and it really did give me some Clarity. A step by step guide on dealing with emails, saving money, setting goals. A lot of it may be common sense but reading it made me realise I do need to follow these simple steps to keep my mind in order. If my work/life/home is in order then I have a clear head- Em




Whenever we take a break and Travel, we come home with a new mindset. If life is getting a bit too much and you have some serious issues to deal with, try and getaway to clear your head. We often return from a holiday with new ideas for work. It also gives us Clarity to help make big decisions.




If, like us, you sometimes feel overwhelmed with life, turn to ELEMIS LIFE ELIXIRS to help restore some much-needed harmony. If you can’t decide what scent suits your needs, try out the Mindfulness Collection. 5 miniatures for every mood!




This post was in collaboration with ELEMIS

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