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I was a little late to the Podcast Party, listening to my first one around a year ago. I’m always driving and was growing tired of hearing the same old music on the radio so decided to see what all the fuss was about, now I’m completely hooked, and listen to the below three podcasts religiously.


Em’s Podcast Edit…







The Emma Guns Show…


The Emma Guns Show A Style Album


The Emma Guns Show ticks all of my boxes of what I want to get out of listening to a podcast; It’s Funny, Warm & Informative. Emma, a Beauty journalist, chats to a different guest each week, usually an Insider from the Beauty Industry. You’ll also get a bit of Fashion and a lot of Health. Emma talks openly and honestly about her struggles with Anxiety, the episode with Pixiwoo is a real standout for me, not only because I’m in awe of the business they have created but they also spoke about real life struggles that no one no matter how successful is immune too. After every episode, I feel like I come away with something, whether it’s a new product to try, a new productivity hack or inspiration for building an empire!



Download ‘The Emma Guns Show



Girl Boss Radio…


Girlboss Radio Podcast A Style Album



Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss Radio is one of the first podcasts I listened to. The American founder & former CEO of Nasty Gal is an inspiration to me; I love her back story of how she built her business. Each week she chats with a ‘Girl Boss’ about how they got started in their industry, it fascinates & inspires me, and proves there is no direct path to being successful. Listening to Girl Boss radio reaffirms that with a good work ethic and a lot of hustle you really can achieve anything. I’m excited to hear the latest episode where Sophia chats with Gwyneth Paltrow; I’m interested in listening to what she has to say about her Lifestyle site Goop.



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The High Low…


The High Low Podcast A Style Album



The High Low is the latest one I’m loving. A mixture of pop-culture and news brought to you by Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton, both respected journalists. These girls are frighteningly intelligent and well read (it amazes me every week how much they read… and remember!) The girls chat about everything from Princess Diana to Katie Price, hence the name, it is literally High to Low brow. Some of the words they use I may not understand, but I never feel excluded from their club, and feel slightly more intelligent after every episode. I enjoy the rapport they have with each other; both have strong opinions that they manage to get across without sounding pompous or arrogant.


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