Belt Up

Sometimes all you need to inject some life into your wardrobe is the right accessories. We’ve been turning to belts lately to add a little something to our everyday looks. Lou lives in her Khaki Jacket so to mix it up she wraps around a belt. Em’s been teaming her Gucci Belt with Dresses, mixing Hi-Lo with High Street Dresses & the Designer Belt of the season. Most of us have a belt hanging in our wardrobes so it’s a quick and easy styling tip.



Lou Styling up a Khaki Jacket with a belt…



Adding a belt to a Khaki Jacket A Style Album



Khaki Jacket A Style Album
How to wear a Khaki Jacket| A Style Album| Street Style


Khaki Jacket Equipment| Jeans Topshop| Shoes Gucci| Belt (similar) Isabel Marant|


Em’s Gucci Belt…


Em A Style Album Gucci Belt
How to Style a Gucci Belt A Style Album




Lou & Em’s Belt Edit…



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