Bell Tents at Soho Farmhouse

Last week we got the girls together and headed to Soho Farmhouse, we’ve been to the Farmhouse before & love the relaxed, laidback vibe. This time, instead of staying in the luxury cabins complete with 4 poster beds and roll top baths we decided to try out the Bell Tents!


The girls took a little convincing, but we loved the idea of the tents and wanted to experience Camping Soho House style…


And it was every bit as cool as you’d expect. 15 Bell Tents dotted around a separate area away from the main Farm, surrounded by fields. Each tent comes with a six-foot bed, wood burner, rug & armchairs, with an outdoor communal living area where you can toast marshmallows around a fire pit while sitting on bales of hale. Bathroom & Showers are 100 metres away in the nearby Boathouse, complete with a girls powder room and all the toiletries you should need.



Cool Bell tents at Soho Farmhouse A sTYLE aLBUM
Bell Tents at Soho Farmhouse A Style Album







We really recommend the Bell Tents, it was fun to try something a little different and the most luxurious way to experience camping.



Lou & Em chilling outside their tent…


Louise Redknapp & Emma Thatcher A Style Album


You still get to use all of the Farmhouse amenities when staying in the Bell Tents. We ate a LOT! Lunch in the main barn and dinner in Pen Yen, a Japanese restaurant in the Boathouse.


Food Blog A Style Album
Pen Yen Soho Farmhouse A Style Album


The sun setting on The Boathouse…



tHE lake at soho farmhouse a style album



What to wear…


The farmhouse is relaxed. No heels needed! We went when the weather took a bit of a dip and it was cold, take layers if staying in the tents. The tents are warm but remember you have to walk to use the bathroom.



Soho Farmhouse Bell Tents A Style Album


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