Beauty Sleep in a Bottle

As I write this post, I’m tired, so so tired, it’s Sunday afternoon, and I’ve had two big nights out this week, that never happens and the way I’m feeling today I’m glad! But it was perfect timing as it coincided with trying out a new product for Elemis; Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil AKA Beauty Sleep in a bottle, even when you’ve not managed to get your full 8 hours sleep, this product will make you look like you have. My skin (as well as my mood) is the first thing to suffer when I’ve not had a full night of shut-eye, it feels dehydrated and tight, and I look older, with every line and wrinkle showing.


Since using Peptide⁴ this has hugely improved, and even if I’ve felt like death my skin still has a healthy glow…


Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil promises to Hydrate, Restore & Replenish your skin, in a week when my skin has needed it more than ever I can back those claims up. On top of being a tired skin saviour, it smells pretty incredible, is super easy to apply and even though it combines oil for added protection, it doesn’t leave skin greasy.


My 3 Beauty Sleep Essentials…


  1. Luxurious P.J’s, Love Stories Intimates are my current favourites, a long soak & slipping into clean p.j’s pretty much guarantee I’ll be in for a good nights sleep

  2. A good book, most nights a few pages is all it takes to send me off, I’m currently enjoying dipping into Your Soul is a River, a collection of poems by Nikita Gill.

  3. My latest essential, Elemis ‘Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil‘. A good night time skin care routine has always been important to me and this product ensures I wake up nourished.








This post was created in collaboration with Elemis

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