A Bigger piece of the Pie

Beauty Pie is a members club for Beauty Lovers- join, and you gain access to luxury make-up and skincare for a fraction of the cost. The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Macia Kilgore (Bliss, Fit Flop, Soap & Glory) Beauty Pie was born from Marcia wanting to offer consumers a bigger slice of the (Beauty) Pie- by being completely transparent. Members get luxury beauty products at cost price- with no celebrity marketing, middlemen and retailer markups Beauty Pie can offer members products for the price they pay- only making money from memberships. Members get a monthly spending limit depending on their chosen tier (I went for £10 a month which allows a £100 a month spending limit) and whatever you don’t spend rolls over to the next month. Whether you need to update your make-up bag, up your skin-care regime or buy some luxury scented candles for your home, Beauty Pie has it covered. The concept is brilliant, an edited, curated selection of excellent beauty products for a fraction of the price. Find out more at beautypie.com and use code EMSENTME for an extra £50 spending limit when you join.




Em using Beauty Pie Wondergloss Lip Oil  Typical Price £26 Members Pay £4.67




Beauy Pie Members on a style album


Beauty Pie on Fashion & Beauty blog a style album


I loved reading this interview with founder Marcia Kilgore where she talks about the idea and concept behind Beauty Pie. An interesting read- Forbes.com


The best Beauty Pie Products on A Style Album


Beauty Pie Marcia Kilgore on a style album


Em’s Beauty Pie Edit…




Em’s been working with Beauty Pie on her Instagram @emmarosestyle and loved the concept so much she wanted to share on A Style Album. This post isn’t sponsored by the brand.


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