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My obsession with all things Interior Design continues. Even though no movement on the house refurb (still awaiting the drawings so we can apply for planning permission, the boring but essential stuff) I’m continuing my quest to pin anything and everything house/garden related to my Pinterest board (link here if you’re interested) I’ve been checking out the Interiors Trends and working out what Decor Direction I want to take my house.


I’m keen to create a Bohemian, Eclectic feel for my home…


A great way to tap into this is with an Oriental rug. They’ve been having a real moment lately so I’ve started the hunt for an authentic looking style with a vintage feel- by buying Vintage it already has a worn in look which will add character.



Rug Obsession a style album





interiors Rugs a style album
Cool Rugs Inteiors a style album

Oriental Rugs A Style Album
Antique Rugs A Style Album



Pierce & Ward interiors a style album
Interior Design Rugs A STYLE ALBUM



Where to find…


The best place to find these style rugs for the best price is a flea market. Ebay too, but I like the idea of seeing before I buy. We popped to Sunbury Antique Market on Tuesday (It’s on every second and last Tuesday of every month) and they had some great styles for super reasonable prices.


Liberty has a great selection of Oriental Rugs (4th Floor) they have done the hard work for you and scoured flea markets around the world in search of the best. Of course, you’ll pay a premium for this.


Online the girl to know is Frances Loom, a selection of globally sourced antique rugs that will instantly give your home that bohemian vibe.


For higher end styles if you’re dubious of buying second hand, look at The Rug Company.



Lou & Em’s Edit…




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